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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BMW GSA1200 - What a Ride

Back in April, Grizzlee finally got his dream bike. A BMW GS 1200 Adventure model with all the trimmings. Everything that a wanna be adventure rider, like Lee, could ever dream of. Heated grips, electronic adjustable suspension, anti-lock brakes, off-road capability, touring bags, shaft drive and a unique suspension system like no other.

Thanks to a very understanding spouse (Lori), who views Lee's time away as a sort of mini vacation for herself.
This was an experiment of sorts. The first overnight trip to try out the gear and see how it all works.

Beauty eh?
North Cascades Scenery is hard to beat.

A quick check on the PCT trail conditions. Still too early to hike (too much snow on the trail)

Another break.

Liberty Bell.

Liberty Bell, a scenic wonder just off the highway.

The Liberty Bell range (Early Winters Spires).

More scenic highway.

What's this, another GSA 1200?

Yep, Hussien and his girlfirend were out for a weekend ride to Winthrop, Wa.

Looking good.

It amazes Lee, that a good looking bike can make an average looking rider look good when standing next to it. (Say that 10 times real fast and try not to snort your beer)

Camp on east side of the Cascades.

It all worked out very well.

All said and done. The trip was about 550 miles (including side trips to some lakes and rivers). The bike behaved well. Lee's arse was a bit sore, but that is expected on any long trip.
Until next time.....

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Annual Bowron Lakes Trip (May 2010)

Almost every year since Yukon Johann was 3 years old, we do a week long paddle trip into the remote wilderness of Bowron Lakes.
Highlights of this years trip include several moose sightings, black bears, bald eagles, harlequin ducks, ospreys loons and a GRIZZLY bear. Yes, Johann had a close encounter with a Grizz, 20 feet away from his kayak. Fortunately, the startled bear heade up to the cliffs away from the shore of Lake Lanezi. More than 3 times the bear came down to the lake only to turn around and head back up to the cliff area, grunting as it did so. Unfortunately, Lee & Lori were to far away to fully witness this event and obtain pictures. We are all happy that the grizz, in a startled state didn't react differently.

Taking a break upon exiting the Caribou river. Threat of rain higher up, fortunately it never dropped to lake level.

Lori and Yukon Johann paddling near some rocky cliffs.

Lanezi lake from our camp.

Fishing for dinner. Caught several large fish on the trip. Made for a great dinner one night as well. Fresh fish, cooked over an open fire, garlic salt and butter, mash potatoes and corn. You can't beat that!

Looking back down Lanezi Lake towrds the Caribou Mtns and many un-named peaks.

Lori and Johann just before they spotteda bear and a moose along the shore just yards away from each other.

Paddle harder, the rain is coming in just behind you.

The last day on the circuit has always been traditionally rain free and even calm.

The end of a portage can be rewarding when the views open up to the mountains reflecting in calm lakes.

Swan Lakes after a long day of being chased by rain

Looking towards Bowron Mtn as the the sun sets. Time for hot cocoa with scotch and then into a warm sleeping bag to end another fun day.

One of the many trapper's cabins found along the circuit. This one is of historical significance due to the fact one of the original settler's in the area built it.

Looking back down Issac Lake after a great day of paddling.
Baby ospreys, Loons and bald eagles were great company this day.

Sometimes, a little break is all one needs. Even better if you don't have to leave your boat.
The Issac River. True call of nature waits beyond these waters, complete with treacherous falls that one must portage around... and then, a paddle down the swift waters of the Caribou River.

Looking towards Wolverine bay. Lots of fish were atttracted to GrizzLees fishing lure this day.

If you ever encounter a moose cow with a calf, it is a good idea to bring Lori along.
Both mothers seem to have a natural rapore with each other.
You'll be totally safe with Lori by your side.... Honest.

Lori enjoying Kibbee Lake on the First Day out

It's not possible to go with out seeing a member of the Bowron Wildlife welcoming comittee

GrizzLee doing what he likes to do when not working

Camp on Issac Lake

Evening moon on Issac Lake

When your day starts out like this, you know it's going to be good.

All tucked in for a midnight rest

All dressed up with some place to go (prepared for the storm that never happened)
Alll-in-all, another fantastic trip. Until next time....