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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time Without Consequence - Touring the Washington Olympic Peninsula on a Pair of BMW GS Motorcycles

Time Without Consequence - Touring the Washington Olympic Peninsula

March weekends in Western Washington are not usually much to brag about, however, this trip documents one of the most perfect weekends on recent memory. The sky was clear, the temperatures were warm and we got a bit of a tan ... not really, we actually got a little red. We are hoping for a tan soon :-)

Looksha Lori and GrizzLee took the bikes (An RS1200 GS Adventure & F650 GS Dakar) out on a 2 night campout adventure (tent, sleeping bags, stove and camp food). Join us on a spiritual tour to reconnect with some of the best roads in the Pacific Northwest as we leave home on Friday evening and return late Sunday evening to finish out one of the best casual rides around. Highlights include traveling through ancient forests, splendid ocean views, an emerald forests surround by high mountains and cascading waterfalls, riding through deep gorges next to glacial filled lakes. We finish up the tour with a ride on the beach near Ocean Shores and then make our way home through the back roads, avoiding freeways all the way back.

Looksha Lori (Top of Mt Erie)

GrizzLee (Top of Mt Erie)

Looksha Lori .. isn't she cute?

GrizzLee at Olympic Park Lodge

The Dakar .. aka "Dak"


Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park

Sun Started Setting

Beauty eh?

Just relaxing

Tree Hugger

Man, that is one big piece of wood


Poser :-)

Copalis Beach is awesome!
Until next time...