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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Cariboo Back Country Moto Adventure (Trailer)

British Columbia has some of the finest country on the planet. The Caribou Gold Country is another example of the splendor that illustrates that indeed British Columbia is "SUPERNATURAL". Join me, GrizzLee, and my friend Farmer John as we tour this fantastic country on our bikes. Adventure is never far away and so is the scenery that is pleasing to, not only the eyes, but the soul as well. Abandoned gold towns, scenic rivers, mountains, lakes and wildlife are frosting on the cake. As always, it's the journey; not the destination that makes it all worthwhile.

Teaser Trailer

Before the B.C. summer fires started... We were lucky.

Full Production Coming soon.....

Last Ride of 2017... Maybe?

It's the end of September and the 2017 Riding Season is more than likely over for me. I type this up one handed as I am recovering from shoulder surgery. It has been a strange year indeed. We had massive amounts of rain fall followed by the 2nd driest summer on record in Washington State. The story doesn't end there. My second home, British Columbia, set the record for the worst fire season ever. Even now fires are still burning in parts of the Chilcotin country and will probably do so until November when the first heavy snows come. Idaho, Oregon an northern California saw extreme heat and massive fires as well. All-in-all, a horrible year for riding, hiking, canoeing and just about anything else to do with the outdoors in the PacNW.
It was unfortunate, as I acquired a new adventure touring bike early in the summer and got very little time to ride it. It didn't help the matter when I sold the cabin home and moved to a bigger spread a bit farther north. It was an extremely busy year moving and settling into a new home that along with unusually high heat this year made it very interesting and challenging.
Looksha Lori and I did manage a fantastic ride on some new routes before I had to hang up my helmet for the year.

The New Girl - Heidi - A 2017 R1200 GS Rallye whoopee

Lori Coming down the mountain in the dusk evening light

Mt Baker

Skagit river

Heidi and Mt Baker in the background

Skagit River from Finney Road, looking west

Skagit River from Finney Road, looking east

The happy couple in Walker Valley

Lori found some fall huckle berries to eat


Mountain ponds provide fodder for the camera

GrizzLee being himself

View from the saddle

A parking mishap

Samish Lookout

Heidi on some dirt

 Until Next time.....