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Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier - Trip Preparation

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.” – Paul Theroux

What a week. Heavy rains and work just got busy, busy, busy.  Lots to do in a short period of time. Clean the roof, mow the lawn, prep the gear, make dinner, clean the house, host a sleep over... yeah, it was a pretty hectic week.
Goofing around in the back yard a bit before we leave. We combined a couple of our favorite activities.

Halo is one of our favorite games

Who needs a Warthog when you have access to the ultimate riding Machine

Ripping through the garden

Up and over the rocks

What a view

Ready for the next adventure
Gumby had to join us as well.

It's only a model
A nice ride the week before to get the kid some more dirt experience

GrizzLee & Yukon Johann
Ready to go... go get gas that is

All loaded

On your mark...

Getting our "sea legs"

Ready for Launch
The true adventure begins tomorrow.
Until Next Time.....

Monday, June 24, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier (Rewind)

Rewind : How and Why Did I Get to This Point

So let’s go back in time here a few months … approximately 6 months. I wasn’t doing so well in school.  To be blunt, I wasn’t going to graduate high school.  I wasn’t focused on my studies and I knew I needed a change. Through a family friend, my mom, dad and I discovered the Washington State Youth Academy. Their son attended the school and had great success. It was recommended that I go. And despite my initial hesitations, I have come to embrace and loved the experience. The academy uses some unique techniques to motivate and instill pride and values. It isn’t easy and many students can’t handle the intense program and drop out. For those of us who stay the course, it is very rewarding. The techniques employed are the same as those used in the military to teach one discipline, patience, values, good hygiene, good study habits, the value of community and many, many more things.   With my parents help and the help of my mentor (thanks Steve!!), I signed up, attended the open house event and attended the initial orientation. The selection process was a bit unusual.  At the academy, being the worst, made you first as long as you demonstrated that you wanted to change.  Was I in as much trouble as my parents say I was?  Apparently so.  I wanted/needed to change and was one of the 150 people out of a total of 450 applicants to be picked. I started out as a candidate, surviving the initial 2 weeks of hell to condition us for what was to come. Then we officially started.  At first, I regretted signing up for this. I started out as a candidate and before I knew it I was graduating as a cadet will full honors and ahead of the game in meeting my high school graduation requirements. AND I was getting A’s in my studies. I survived and completed the grueling 5 ½ month residential phase of the 18 month program. Among the things I learned was the value of family, the value of community and the value of giving back. This ride gives me the opportunity to do just that. I can give back to my family and share in a dream with my dad, while at the same time turning this adventure into a cause that has more meaning than the trip itself and a chance to help others along the way.  
I’m now back home and almost completely packed up and ready to go on this journey to the Northern Frontier.  My parents have made sure my bike is in top notch running order. New tires, fluids, adjustments and all the safety checks. Everything is in tip top shape. I should mention, that my dad (my papa) is a somewhat anal-retentive engineer in a good sense. And German heritage at that. So I trust him exclusively on these matters.
With a new perspective on life, a couple of days after I graduated from the academy, I took the Washington State Motorcycle Safety Course to get my official motorcycle endorsement. Motorcycles  are all new to me.  The F650 GS Dakar is my first bike and the bike I learned to ride on. I’ve come to learn that it isn’t a bad bike to do these kind of adventure tours on. I’ve been told it is reliable, has ABS brakes and so far, it seems to handle very well. Thanks mom, and dad.  To date, I’ve been out on a couple of big (all day) rides. My dad thinks I’m doing well and keeps me safe and on my toes when it comes to riding awareness and safety.  His goal is to get me to the north (there and back) in a safe manner. The rest, is up to me. We are departing from home this coming Saturday the 29th of June. The weather man says we are to have sunshine on the day of our departure. A great send off for sure.  I will provide updates to the best of my ability and whenever I can get internet access during our adventure. If all goes well, I plan to give a full, account of my adventure, with my papas help upon my return.

Please don’t hesitate to help others that have experienced bad fortunes. Especially the folks, who through no fault of their own, find themselves in a situation of need. 
-Yukon Johann

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier - The Beginning of Our Story

The Story:
My name is Johann Krueger (aka, Yukon Johann). This summer I will be going on an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Expedition starting at my home in Seattle, up through British Columbia, through the Yukon Territory and Alaska with my father. I will be riding my own motorcycle, a BMW F650 GS Dakar.
Recent Trip To the Northern Cascades
The plan is to ride the remote parts of western British Columbia and then into the Yukon Territory up to the border of the North West Territories and then on into Alaska where we plan to ride above the arctic circle to Prudhoe Bay.  Along the way we will visit and observe the effects of global climate changes in the north, interact with indigenous people, witness scenic splendor and observe northern wildlife in its natural habitat.
My Bike
I will be providing updates as internet connection allows with a full presentation of my trip upon completion. The tentative Departure date is June 29, 2013.  I would like to ask for your support by pledging donations for each 100 miles completed. If all goes well, we will have travel in excess of 4,000 miles or more.  100% of your donations will be given to the American Red Cross in support of the people affected by the recent tornado in Oklahoma.
Read here for more information.
Your donations go directly to the Red Cross Foundation.
BTW: I should mention, I am 17 years old. My father will be posting as well, providing his own perspective on the story.
Thanks for joining me and supporting my cause. We are sure to have a good time together. 
Check back occasionally as we will post updates as best we can. Full story when we return.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Four Day Tour of the Pacific North West on BMW GS Motorcycles

Join me as we take a "Four Day Tour of the Pacific North West on BMW GS Motorcycles".
These videos document highlights four incredible days of motorcycle touring in the Pacific North West. The first 3 days of the journey we see no clouds and experience unseasonably warm coastal weather. A rarity in this part of the world. As far as Spring Motorcycle Rides go, this was a real gem.

Our route. A loop that offers the best sampling of the
Oregon/Washington Coast, Cascades and arid regions
Day 1: The Washington & Oregon Coast
The first day we leave our home in Seattle, Washington and head out to Raymond,
Washington via back roads to reach the Washington Coast. Once there we cross the
Columbia River into Astoria and make our way south along the coastal highway.
Using our GPS, we take many detours on lonely roads to see as much of the
coastal splendor as possible.

Day 2: The Oregon Coast
The second day we leave our camp near Lincoln City, to finish the Oregon Coast,
ending up in Brookings Oregon. We see light houses, rivers, historic sites and a
gorgeous sunset while sipping on a local microbrew. Using our GPS, we meander
and take many detours on lonely roads to see as much of the coastal splendor as
possible. The journey is more than the destination.

Day 3: The California Redwoods & Oregon Cascades
The third day we leave the Oregon Coast and find ourselves in the Redwoods of
Northern California. We do some light off road travel through the giant trees.
Later in the day we find ourselves crossing Interstate 5 at Grants Pass heading
toward Crater Lake following the Rogue River to it's source. We take in the many
sights along the way and finalize our day traveling among volcanoes and snow at
higher elevations in the Oregon Cascades. The day ends as it began... Perfect.

Day 4: Bend Oregon to Seattle Washington
The fourth and final day we leave Oregon and return to our home in Washington
state. Along the way we pass by a couple of volcanoes, including Mt Hood in
Oregon. Crossing the Columbia River at Hood River, Oregon into Washington, we
ride among huge basalt columns and the mighty Columbia River. We eventually find
our way to Yakima canyon and enjoy the incredible scenery of the Yakima river
meandering through the canyon. We conclude our travel with a nice cool ride over
Snoqualmie pass, where we see snow covered peaks that remind us that we are
nearly home.

"Adventure B4 Dementia"
Until Next time....