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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Comes to a Close: Cascade Snowshoe Hike

Arriving at one goal is the starting point to another.  ~ John Dewey ~
As 2010 draws near, Yukon Johann and GrizzLee take to the Cascades for some conditioning training. Its been cold at our house and the temperaures have barely broken the freezing level.  The snow is sticking around. Undaunted, we took our snowhsoes, trekking poles, new pair of boots and Kamiah (the wonder dog) up to the mountains. We are pleased to say that we saw no Sasquatches and snowshoeing in the dark can be really fun. Especially now that all the bears are asleep for the winter. Although we did come across a fresh set of Cougar tracks in the snow.

We may as well get use to it. The forecast is calling for more cold and possibly some more snow in the week to come!
 Johann enjoying a cup of joe (actually hot coco) along a 10 mile trek from Snoqualmie Pass to Twin Falls.
 Icicles formed from a nearby cascading fall.

 The views were great as the sun was shining, but the temperaures remainined in the 20s-30s... colder for us as we trekked most of the day in the shadow of the mountain.

 Kamiah, contemplateing leaving the trail and heading back. She thinks these guys are nuts... she thinks to herself "I could be home chewing a bone and basking in the sun on the patio".
 In reality, Kamiah loves the snow and was waging her tail all the time on our trips.

Happy New year.
We wish you many happy adventures in 2011.
We have big plans and lots of adventures planned in the new year.
Feel free to join us. 

Hope to see you on the trail.

Until Next time...