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Monday, October 5, 2015

Baptism by Dirt (fail): Broken Bones, Broken Bike, Broken Dreams

It all started innocently enough. 1 guy, two ladies, riding bikes into the wilderness. What could go wrong?

East Harrison Lake Road. About 15 miles from the accident

Beautiful Rivers

Nice gorges

Side streams feeding the river

Fountain Valley

Beauty eh?

Looksha Lori lovin it!!

These are the roads we travel


"Wow! That's beautiful"

The Grizzz

Looksha and Dazee

Bridge River Valley

Going up the north side of Mission Mtn

Carpenter Lake views are stupendous

Oh yeah!!!

South decent of Mission Mtn

Pen stock supports painted with Native art

The Chilcotin Biker Gang:
Chris, Gunner Buck (David), GrizzLee, Randy - the main perpetrators

Someones former home on the range.

Fall Colors in Tweedsmuir

Looking down Freedom Hill. Lots of fog
in the Bella Coola Valley. We speculated that it was raining

Looksha at Bella Coola with Gretchen and Dazee

More fall colors

Man o man this is fantastic

Blown engine just outside of Nimpo Lake

Waiting for help

Dinner with the Ladies who helped us.
Roxanne, GrizzLee, Donna, Looksha Lori

I'll say it again. Canadians are some of
the friendliest people I've met

Friday, October 2, 2015

RubiKon Ranch: The First Year of Cabin Living

In 2014, I moved to a new home. Living for 20 years in the burbs finally got to me. I needed a change. My son moved out and my commute was getting worse. So I sold the place I knew as home for the past 20 years, the longest I have lived in any one place my entire life. I moved to 5.3 acres into a cabin home.

After a looong walk from the street, one is treated to the serene cabin
Believe it or not, my commute was cut to less than 1/2 the time. Additionally, they began tolling the road between my "burb" house and my place of work. Country life has been grand so far. I've seen a bear, a bob cat, several coyotes, deer as dinner guests and grouse on my new place.

I call the place the "RubiKon Ranch".

In the first 10 months the place has transformed from a place of neglect (an over grown rain forest) to a semi-groomed park. I won't lie, the work was hard. With lots of help, we trimmed trees , cut trees, planted shrubs, planted grass, shoveled more dirt and gravel than I have done my entire life. Additionally, I replaced the old shake roof with a nearly maintenance free metal roof. I added gutters to the detached workshop/apartment, new gutters on the house. Additionally,  I cleaned the logs, added grass, removed trees, stump, lots of nasty blackberry/salmon berry and devils club. Cleared the over grown driveway that is approx 800 feet in length and leveled it and then added new gravel. I sheet rocked the lower garage and transformed it to my personal toy box to store my toys (camp gear, motorcycles, kayaks, etc..).
Enjoy the walk ... see the pile of chips
from my massive tree delimbing project
Turning off the main road into the driveway

The inside is in excellent shape. A bathroom remodel is in order as is a few minor things. I hope to post pictures of the inside soon. Everyday after work is like coming home to my own private getaway. It is quiet and serene. I am getting a new wood stove soon and those winters are going to be soo cozy. I am looking forward to the holidays this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas should be grand. And I f we get some snow, even better.

Old growth rain forest galore

Lots of big cedars

Street view on a private road ...
yep, I put a new mailbox and cleared the bush away
from the road.  Still more to work on next year

Gate to keep unwanted two legged critters out ...
and yet, I still had a call form the Mormons

Big boulder on the right

Wish I could move that boulder

After a jaunt through the woods, the cabin reveals itself

Removed the nasty weeds and overgrown trees to reveal
this cool tree stump. I made it the focal point of the driveway

Believe it or not, many of the rocks seen
in the driveway circle were mostly buried

Brought a large chunk of cedar up from the long drive
 to compliment the circle. Still more work to do. But it is a nice start.

See the concrete foundation? I am going cover that with faux rock
The toybox is below the front deck.. wihch is to be replaced complete
with log railing to give it more of a log cabin look..

Previous owner added an RV covered parking area.
Perfect to store my utility trailer and the garden tractor accessories.

The back deck. Future plans is to remove the deck and replace
with a concrete patio that is imprinted with faux rock.

The side yard

The workshop/garage and single bedroom apartment.
Notice the newly painted garage doors. Thanks Lori

As mentioned, in the future, I hope to add more pictures featuring the inside. I have log furniture and I really enjoy those cozy nights sleeping in my log bed.

Until next time...