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Monday, October 5, 2015

Baptism by Dirt (fail): Broken Bones, Broken Bike, Broken Dreams

It all started innocently enough. 1 guy, two ladies, riding bikes into the wilderness. What could go wrong?

East Harrison Lake Road. About 15 miles from the accident

Beautiful Rivers

Nice gorges

Side streams feeding the river

Fountain Valley

Beauty eh?

Looksha Lori lovin it!!

These are the roads we travel


"Wow! That's beautiful"

The Grizzz

Looksha and Dazee

Bridge River Valley

Going up the north side of Mission Mtn

Carpenter Lake views are stupendous

Oh yeah!!!

South decent of Mission Mtn

Pen stock supports painted with Native art

The Chilcotin Biker Gang:
Chris, Gunner Buck (David), GrizzLee, Randy - the main perpetrators

Someones former home on the range.

Fall Colors in Tweedsmuir

Looking down Freedom Hill. Lots of fog
in the Bella Coola Valley. We speculated that it was raining

Looksha at Bella Coola with Gretchen and Dazee

More fall colors

Man o man this is fantastic

Blown engine just outside of Nimpo Lake

Waiting for help

Dinner with the Ladies who helped us.
Roxanne, GrizzLee, Donna, Looksha Lori

I'll say it again. Canadians are some of
the friendliest people I've met

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