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Friday, October 28, 2016

Solo Beyond the Northern Hinterlands: Leaving Home

To celebrate a milestone birthday I took a solo motorcycle journey to the north.

Although I have been to Alaska, the Yukon and the North West Territories before, there remained a few roads that I have not traveled. Among them are some of the most remote in all of North America.

This is my story as of how I traveled alone without support. Hoping to avoid fires, flood, injury and breakdowns. To keep it safe, I carried extra fuel and a personal locator beacon. My goal was to see and experience the last of the true wilderness left on the planet by motorcycle.

Enjoy this episode of me preparing and leaving home and then heading north. This video highlights my first few days of travel in British Columbia; up the Robson Valley to Prince George and over towards Smithers and then up the Cassiar Highway to the Yukon, arriving at Watson Lake. It is from Watson Lake where I begin my real adventure, traveling some of the remotest roads in all of North America … ALONE.

Thanks for riding along,