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Monday, July 26, 2010

Goat Rocks, Full Moon and a Volcano

Quote of the week "We're all here 'cuz we're not all there"
This weeks adventure took us to the cascades found south of Mt Rainier in Wa State. We doubt that there is better high mountain meadows within easier grasp than the flanks of an old volcano situated east of Mt St Helens. The Pacific Crest Trail passes through this area and the views are scrumptous to say the least.
Arriving at Snowgrass Flats after a long steady uphill climb through patches of snow.
Yukon Johann finds us a great camp in the high altitude meadows.

Our view looking south with Mt Adams in the distance
Our view looking north with Goat lake (frozen) in the saddle below Hawkeye peak.

Mt Adams through the trees.
Yukon Johann enjoying a tasty outdoor meal. You deserve it buddy!
Our view from camp looking east towards Ol' Snowy.
OMG!!! We forgot the reason why we came. It is nearly a full moon and this, my friends, is heaven. Quick, get the camera. Lights, action, cut, print!

Mt St Helens as we look west from our camp.
Directly north of St Helens we got some "purple mtns majesty"
Kamiah was "un-impressed" and looked a bit upset as we disturbed her from her late afternoon nap.
We can almost read her mind here. "Yeah, yeah, full moon, big deal, seen 'em before, now let me go back to sleep"

We all slept good that night, except mother nature left the night light on and we left our tent open for the midnight views.
A quick check on Mt Adams before bed. Yep, it hasn't moved since the last picture.

Our camp as we ascend to the top of Ol' Snowy (an extinct volcano).

We cross the pass on the Pacific Crest Trail at nearly 6500'. The highest point of the trail (in Washington state). It usually has snow nearly year round. Yukon Joahnn taking pictures of the handsome photographer taking his mug.
Speaking of handsome. GrizzLee posing with Kamiah at the crossroads of the trail.
Which way do we go girl?

Higher up, the views got spectacular.
Here we are at the highest point for miles (with the exception of Gilbert peak) which was less than 1 mile away and 400 feet higher in elevation. But... we didn't bring ropes, so we settled on Ol' Snowy peak at nearly 8000 feet. Not a bad way to spend a day at all.

A panoramic view from camp before we leave for our hike out. You can almost see the curvature and the base of this now, very extinct volcano. It is a fantastic place to view all kinds of metamorphic rock and remenants of volcanic ash spewed by Mt St Helens during her last eruption in 1980. It is predicted that the high meadow flowers will be in full bloom this mid August..... and so will the bugs! Buyer beware.

Until next time...

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