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Saturday, February 26, 2011

More Snow! More Snow!! MORE SNOW!!!

PawPrint Rest Stop and a Hiker's Hut atop a snowy mountain. Read on...

Put it away Santa. Christmas is over and it's February. Nice GSA 1200 though.

Another winter storm blast came through this week, and it isn't over.
We caught folks taking pictures of our home. Looked like a good idea, so we did too :-) 

A day off and snow was all the excuse needed to take a hike.
 Tiger mountain is close by. Kamiah and GrizzLee took to the trail hoping to be the first to summit West Tiger Summit #1 since the new snow. It features a hikers hut and great views ot the SE. It was all ours for the taking.
 Being first out on the trail meant that we had to do some basic route finding.
 Kamiah is an expert at this. She can find a trail in the worst conditions.

 She was a good girl while scouting ahead for the proper trail.

 A scenic bridge, just like out of a storybook. It was 19 degrees at this point. The snow was very powdery. 

 A fork in the trail. One way heads out towards the small town of Preston, WA; the other towards heaven.

 Bootleg trail and directions to the hiker's hut. Cool... very cool Still around 19 degrees out. Wait a minute... Pawprint Rest Stop? No wonder Kamiah knew the way so well!

 The hikers' hut.
 A great place to hang out when the wind is blowing.

 No wind today. Just great views, lunch and sunshine. I think it warmed up a bit here. Sorry girl, this isn't PawPrint Rest Stop.  
Look closely... You can see the Space Needle and the Olympic Mountains just below the clouds. (select picture to enlarge) 

We made it over to West Tiger #2 and summited West Tiger 3 as well. From there we traversed over to the K3 trail and plowed virgin tracks all the way back to the truck. All-in-all, around 11 miles of hiking in the snow. 
What great day off from work. A rare treat.

Unitl next time...

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