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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Newest Family Member - BMW F650 GS Dakar

Born as the baby to the BMW R1150GSA, the BMW F650GS has a long and credible pedigree. The BMW F650 has off-road pretentions but, in the real world, is a sturdy and sensible road motorcycle (the BMW F650 Dakar’s the one for the green lanes), it deals with most situations with predictable power and confidence. - Motorcycle

Yukon Johanns' First Riding Lesson

Oh and the R1200 GSA recieved a new sticker....
Untill next time...


  1. Your adventures are awe-inspiring and reading your blogs make me more and more excited about our planned trip this summer. We hope to ride up to (hopefully) Jasper (from Chicago)in our R1200rt. My husband rode the R90/6 to Alaska 33 yrs ago and coast to coast x 4. This baby is still doing well. You gotta luv them beemers! BTW your pix were amazing. What camera did you use? Keep on riding and keep on writing!

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Good luck on your trip. The Alaskan trip 33 years ago must have been more of an adventure than it is now (I suspect some of the road was still unpaved w/ less traffic... I'm envious). My current camera is a Cannon 3Ti. Always looking at new ones though.

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