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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cool Ride Around the Olympic Penninsula

The Last Big Ride of 2013? Maybe so.

With the weather changing quickly into the Pacific North West fall season, the weatherman said we were in for a treat. The Washington coast was supposed to be dry and warm. 70 degrees in Astoria.. Mr Weather man... are you kidding me?? Yep, Sunny and warm. So off we went for 3 days. Father and son doing the Olympic Peninsula.

Long Beach on bikes near Beard's Hollow

Johann rode a Kawasaki 650 Versys

Dinner on the pier in Astoria

Fish 'n chips out doors with a full moon,
golden-orange sunset and sea lions chatting up a storm.

On the way up to see the Astoria Column

We rise above the fog and see this.

The Astoria Column

Crescent Lake in the Olympic National Park

Looksha Lori met up with us and brought the family dog

Kamiah is a golden retriever. She is attracted to water like a magnet.

Along the way, Johann picked up a passenger

It seems that Mr Coyote thinks the Versys is a more reliable way to catch Road Runners
than using the typical ACME Rocket kits he has been using for the past 50 years.
Just for the record, we saw no Road Runners, just a Dodge Ram, an old Dodge Dart
and a new Charger :-)

Mr Wile E Coyote made for some fun comments at all the traffic stops

Until next time...

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