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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Movie - Destination Nuxalk Nation: A Solo Adventure To Bella Coola on a BMW GS

A spiritual documentary.
My first full length feature movie.

I'd like to personally invite you to join me as I take you on a spiritual ride through some of the most beautiful and remote country in North America.

I'll take you through lowland rain forests, passing through high mountains, remote arid desert plateaus through glaciated peaks to the edge of a continent.

Along the way we will camp, pass by abandoned cabins, ghost towns, vast country and encounter wildlife from a vantage point few ever get to experience.

It is an adventure like no other

Thanks for Riding along
~ GrizzLee

More Adventures to Come...


  1. A friend turned me on to this series this past weekend. Thanks for making it an enjoyable Saturday as I followed you through some spectacular country! We plan to ride that same area in July 2014.

    Well done!

  2. Thanks Dan. I got a msg from a couple of guys in SD heading to Alaska in July. That be you folks? Stay safe and you are always welcome at my place as you pass through.

    1. That's us, my brother! Me and my friend Dan are dreaming of the ride as we pore over every ride report we can get our hands on. Your video series has just made the wait that much worse! Thanks. Dan

  3. Oh boy.. You'll like the next video series I'm working on. It is the father-son ride we did to Prudhoe bay this past summer. Stay tuned...

  4. Hi i'm currently watching your movie and what a blast.
    The scenary are amazing, I would love to travel on a bike in your country, it looks like real freedom.

    Greetings from France,

  5. I saw the movie and is spectacular! I shared it on my blog., thanks Francisco from Portugal