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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Road Trip

Want to avoid crowds ... Places you want to go on a bike ... Eastern Oregon has some real gems. And even better, very few people. I like that.  Although, we had a freeloading passenger :-)  

Lots and lots of dirt. All you can eat. 

Came across several original homesteads that were in decay in the middle of nowhere.

Lori did well. Lots of off-road. We also did section 1 of the Washington Back Country Discovery Route on the way home. Sadly, no snow. Not even mud!! 

The custom plate looks so bad-ass with the snake trying to consume it.  Unfortunately, I'm beginning to look like a used up Harley rider with my white beard and less like a Grizz :-(

Camping at Crooked River

Entering John Day Painted Hills Unit

A happy lady and good looking bike

Strange mounds abound everywhere...

Sew these next few images together and get a fantastic panorama

Everyone wanted to ride

Our new found friend

Even Daisy had a passenger

Don't Tread on Me!

Spectacular vistas

John Day River

More panorama fodder 

Until Next Time!

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