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Friday, July 15, 2016

Solo Ride: Harrison Lake, Carpenter Lake BC

Alone and having fun

The plan... Ride central British Columbia in the Chilcotin Plateau for 10 days. No itinerary with vague destinations in mind. The truth is, the trip started all wrong from the get go.

The night before my departure my gas cap on my R1200GSA broke off at the hinge. An early morning visit with Alyxmoto the next day saved that part of the trip with a temporary fix from another busted gas cap. At least the hinge was still in tack on it. But my mood just wasn't all there. After all was said and done, I ended up leaving Seattle at 2:00 pm. A quick check on the weather showed rain up in the Chilcotin all week during the heart of my planned trek.  Being a holiday weekend in Canada as well, all the campgrounds were full, so I ended getting the last cabin at one of the private campgrounds. That was good as the weather spit rain. I was BUMMED. Before I hung it up, I did manage to ride up along the East Harrison Road to Boston Bar. From there I rode the Texas Creek Road up to Lillooet via all dirt. It was a long day of about 150 miles, however, it was a great time. One of the highlights of the second day was running into a group of young topless ladies in Nathatlatch park. Thier guy friends had them pose with me and my bike for pics. They added to the already natural beauty of B.C.
As usual, a video will more than likely follow. But for now these pictures will have to do.

Sasquatch Greats me at Harrison Hotsprings

Paddle Boarders on Lake Harrison

The Lake was smooth as glass

A logging pullout and I reveled in the fantastic views

Creeks, rivers and cascading falls abound everywhere along the East Harrison Lake Route

See the train tunnel?

The ride along Texas Creek road was stupendous

Old cabins and abandoned buildings littered the landscape

I finally broke down and got some moto goggles... They worked well.

Riding along the Bridge River...

View from the dam at Carpenter Lake

On the way up to Mission tn, there is a clearing that is a must stop. Offering great views of Carpenter Lake below.

Seton Lake on the other side of Mission Mtn

Rain (so sad)

I completed the Highline road to Darc'y

After a stop in Pemberton and I was off to the Hurley road going to Gold Bridge

Great views up here on the Hurley

Dowton Lake on the other side of Hurley Pass

Back at Carpenter Lake (the west end)

This was the road coming down form Gun Lake

THere is an old town situated here (Minto)

When the river was damned it flooded 3 towns. Minto was one of them.

My camp at the BC Hydro Campground on Carpenter Lake,,, FREE

On the way up to Marshall Lake
Rain began and I headed home, but I did get to see Horseshoe Bend

It turned out to be a great 3 days. I got back home on the evening of July 4th. I did get some rain, but not too bad.   I made the right decision to come home as it rained the next 5 days up in the Chilcotin and Caribou region. I will go back when the weather is better. I was happy to save my vacation for another time. I did manage to take alot of video on this trip. Hopefully, I will get time to post a nice video of this ride at the end of summer.

Until Next time...

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