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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Banks Lake Adventure

Just another weekend adventure to the scablands of Washington State.

The route - Snohomish-Banks Lake and then through the North Cascades Hwy back to home

Coulees and basalt columns galore
Came upon an old school house out in the middle of the upper scab lands of Douglas County. Reminds me a great deal of the Little House on the Prairie

The old Highland Schoolhouse is actually what it is called. Accounts date this one room schoolhouse to 1905. The last classes were held here in 1949. The school was not part of any one township, but rather served several surrounding communities. As scuh, it sits out in the middle of the "prairie".  The schoolhouse was used for various community activities such as a voting precinct up until the 1960's. The school stands on the corner of Hwy 2 and J (Highland School Rd).

Unfortunately, it has fallen in to diuse and now vandals and wanna be artists (grafitti punks) have taken over the place. Too bad. It is a nice piece of history that, due to its remoteness, will fade into history.

Banks Lake... what a view!!

Steamboat Rock

800 feet above Banks Lake in Washington’s majestic coulee country, Steamboat Rock is the crown jewel of this area. It is a basalt butte has a rich history; first used by native people many years ago, and during the ice age, the Great Missoula Floods carved the canyons here. The upper plateau marks where the land was level. The rock was an island in the raging river formed by glacial flooding. Now, high and dry, Steamboat rock stands like a lone sentinel offering excellent 360-degree panoramas of the landscape surrounding it.

Just off the road are some pretty views

More beauty

Everywhere the geological garden provides a cornucopia of visual pleasure and geographical history.

Full Moon

The views the next morning were impressive.
I've had the pleasure of kayaking these tiny fjords and outlets found all around the shores of Bnks Lake.
Banks Lake never looked better with morning coffee.

Later in the day we made our way over to the Hwy 20 and the North Cascades. Making a loop back to home.
Cut Throat Peak off of Hwy 20

Diablo Lake
Hwy 20 is always a pleasure. A nice way to spend a weekend. Scenic, riding a motorcycle... Does life get any better ?

Until next time...

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