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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

This Is Us: "A Modern Day Corp of Discoverers" (A motorcycle adventure made for two) -- Trailer

Enjoy this teaser. More coming soon.


  1. Very nice! I always enjoy your videos and ride reports. Well done.

    1. Thanks Dan. Always very cool to ride with my lady when the chance presents itself. Every man should be so lucky.

    2. Have enjoyed your vids.
      I noticed you run the pavement between Boston Bar and Lytton of the Frasier canyon. One of my favorite off roads is the west side of the Frasier between those two towns.

    3. Awe yes, Texas Creek Road. Stay tuned... if I can get the time, you may see that in my next video. I try and ride East Harrison Lake to Lillooet via all dirt when the opportunity arises. Thanks for following along.