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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Another Eight Days: A Solo Idaho BDR Adventure

Imagine a lonely route over 1200 miles long; nearly all of it dirt. A land rich in historic value, where animals flourish and mountains that go on forever in all directions. A lonesome trail that is dotted with outposts, ghost towns, abandoned homesteads and mines. A large land of untouched wilderness; The largest in the continental US. Lands where bears and wolves still roam unfettered. A region where one camps when and where they like, unfettered by formalities. Ride endlessly, letting the mind wander and feeding the soul. Ride as one; mind, body, soul and bike. It’s not a hard route, but rather a spiritual experience. Be careful not to loose focus; mother nature can be cruel and will punish you. She is not to be taken for granted but respected and loved. Love her and she will love you back. Travel lands where one can truly still get lost. I found this and more all in Idaho. I truly hope you enjoy this experience. It is my pleasure to share with my friends and family.

Thanks for Riding Along

Part 1:

Part 2:

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