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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harstine Island Getaway


Qoute of the Week: "You can make a new friend, but you can't make an old one ~ Tom Bodett

Last weekend Lori and Lee took a "mini-vacation" to join up with our friends, Jim and Carol (aka, "Skeeter Jim" and "Caribou Carol".)  Jim and Carol are retired and are great folks to hang out with.   They have a cute, early 1900's log cabin on Harstine island. The setting is very inviting and relaxing. We've done some kayaking together with them in the past, so when they invited us down to their cabin for the weekend, we couldn't resist. The weather was just warm enough to nap in wether we were on the beach or on the deck chairs by the water just down from the cabin.  

View from near the water
Jim, Carol and Lori with Olympic mountains in the back.
Marine Wildlife taking advantage of man made floating platforms.

Looksha Lori looking good in her kayak.
Skeeter Jim and Caribou Carol taking to the water like pros.
We beached a couple of times duirng our 13 mile paddle trip around Squaxin Island.

All-in-all, a very relaxing weekend. We were spoiled by beer, salmon, steak and cherry pie. Now we must head back to the gym to work off our sins.

Until next time...

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