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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Olmpic Coast Boondoogle, Another 600 Mile Motorbike Adventure

Quote of the Week: "Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have spent most of life trying to save" ~Unknown

This weekend, the plan was for Lori and GrizzLee were to meet up with Lee's brother Matt. Matt was riding the coast up from California through Oregon and up to the Olympic Peninsula. We never met up due to poor communication of Matt's ever changing plans on his end. After numerous attempts and voicemails we finally caught him on the phone the second day of our travels. He was in Forks, Wa and we were in Seaside, Or (Matt made incredible time). Somehow we missed each other as he spent the night in Raymond, Wa. A beautiful town we drove through the day before. Darn!! Despite this, GrizzLee toured the Olympic Peninsula on his motorbike while Lori headed back home. Later, Lee received word that Matt and his riding partner got pulled over by the State Patrol. They apparently had a little chat with the officer... no ticket was issued. Matt had bragged earlier how he was cruising at 100 mph along the Olympic Peninsula. Given how far they went in 2 days, this speed isn't surprising. However, traveling at light speed, you miss all the niceties that make any coastal tour a real gem.

One of the few times Lori is caught by the camera. A quick stop at Willapa Bay refuge. This a future kayak expedition trip.
Lori and GrizzLee took a side trip out to Long Beach. One of few, if not the only, places left in Washington where one can drive on the beach. Lori was timid and didn't want to take the RubiKon Adventure vehicle much farther. Contemplating a trip down the beach. Hmmm... Taking the GS for a spin along the ocean beach. Not too many people get to do this with their bike. Tearing up the beach. After a quick stop at Long Beach, Lori and Grizz took a side trip from Ilwaco to check out the Lewis and Clark interpretive center and the local state park.
Another rare glimpse of Lori on camera.
Lee posing for Lori :-)

Cape Disappointment state park was incredible. Pictures don't lie.

Northhead light house was spectacular.

This is the light keeper's grounds and facilities. Nice!
Cape Disappointment Light House
We were so caught up exploring and looking at the light houses and the orange clouds that we, unfortunately, missed getting photos of one of the best sunsets we've experienced this summer.

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