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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ghostly Smiling Stump

"Sometimes nature plays tricks on us and we imagine we are something other than what we truly are. Is this a key to life in general? Or the case of the two-headed schizophrenic? Both heads thought the other was following itself. Finally, when one head wasn't looking, the other shot the other right between the eyes, and, of course, killed himself." ~ Log Lady Prolog Twin Peaks Episode 12

On a 14 mile hike through the Tiger Mountain (Hi-Point Way to Hobart) we stumbled on a a smiling stump. This stump had an erie presence.  From a distance, it looks quite ghastly. It is one of those sculptures where the eyes seem to follow you no matter where you  stand. It's smiling; yes it is. But, is it happy? You decide. Or better yet, hike out there on a cold, dark night and let us know.

Until next time....

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