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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rubikon Adventure Quest 2011: Hyder

So we see this dead rabbit on the road. A local gal comes by and puts some funny spray on it. The rabbit comes to life and begins hopping down the road. Puzzled, we ask the gal what did she do to make the rabbit come back to life. The gal replies "I put some hare(sp?) spray on it. See, right here on the can it states 'that it brings dead hair back to life' ". Ok we said and drove on. -Unknown

The drive form McBride to Prince George was spectacular. We saw a few bears along the way munching grass and berries alongside the hwy. One bear in particular was very cute as she kept standing on her hind legs. At one point she looked like she was playing an Air Guitar.

We stayed at Tyhee Lake Provincial park just outside of Smithers. Smithers is beautiful and a place that we would like to live.
We stopped in at the ‘Ksan village again and looked at the totem poles and Long Houses. We also stopped at Gitanyow and looked at the ancient totem poles there as well.
Once we got going on the Cassiar hwy, we were once again reminded why we love this place. Virgin forests and snow-capped (many glaciated) peaks are a hard thing to forget.
The weather has been a bit spotty, but today, we are in Hyder, Ak and find the sun shining. So we will drive up to the Salmon glacier, hoping to see some bears and a large river of ice. One thing… on our drive into Hyder, we had to dodge bear scat in the road. It was like walking through a heavily mined cow pasture. Fun stuff. We saw some wildlife, other than bears. At one point we saw a Porcupine dodge across the road and we got some really good footage of a beaver making a dam. The beaver seemed oblivious to our presence.

Air guitar  jammin bear
 Let's eat.
 Lets dance
 Johann fishing in Houston with the world's largest fly rod.
 Lee trying to land the big one.
 This grinding stone came from South America (???) Weird.

 Outside of Smithers.
 Skeena River.
 The start of the Cassiar hwy.

 Gitanyow wood carving.
 The road into Stewart and Hyder.
 More glaciars.
 Parked next to the Bear Glaciar.

 Father-son pose for a pic in front of the Bear Galciar.

US-Canada border crossing from Stewart to Hyder, Ak. 
Funny thing, there is no US border partol here. The only border guards are the Canadian police.

Unitl next time....

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