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Monday, October 17, 2011

"The Most Fun I've Had as an Adult With My Clothes On"

"The Most Fun I've Had as an Adult With My Clothes On" -Looksha Lori

This past weekend Looksha Lori and GrizzLee took off for the Washington Coast. It was Lori's biggest ride yet. We traveled more than 500 miles. We rode the the back roads through Yelm to Centrailia and then over to Raymond, Wa.

Our overnight stay in Astoria, Oregon was followed by a long ride around the Olympic Penninsula through Aberdeen, up to Forks, Port Angeles, the Kingston ferry back to Edmonds and then home to Sammamish. It was the best couples' ride we've had so far.

Lori did awesome. She now has just over 7 weeks with her motorcycle endorsement. Her bike, a 2003 BMW F650GS had about 4700 miles on it when she bought it.
Now it has over 7500 miles. Go girl!!!

We made a quick stop at South Sound BMW to check on gear.
Lori looks like a seasoned pro here.

Since purchasing the bike we added a few functional farkles from Touratech.
It looks good. Lori calls' her ride "Jethro". 

GrizzLee's other woman... "Gretchen"

Both Jethro and Gretchen enjoying the view

We took  a stroll along the ocean at Long Beach.

Lori was a bit nervous in the sand, but she kept the bike up right.

She took a few laps around the beach.

Still life in motion.
It was a thrill to see her ride.

We convinced some beach combers to take our picture.

The lighthouse at Cape Dissapointment was a nice stop.

Lori and her Bike.
GrizzLee doing his Lewis and Clark imitation.
With overcast skies and filtered sunlight, scences like this were common.

Packing up from a restful night in Astoria.

A quick check on our heated clothing and some minor adjustments.
Did we mention it was cold this morning?

We took a trip up to the Astoria Column to soak up the yummy views.

You can't beat the bridge view from the top of the column.

Our bikes looked like ants in the parking lot.

The rolling clouds made for a dreamy landscape.

Gotta keep that oil comming in. America is hungry for the black gold.

Lori waving goodbye.

The Astoria Column.

GrizzLee pointing the way west (again) just like Lewis and Clark did.

We made a few stops along the Olympic Coast. This was at Kalaloch Lodge... which had vacancies. If we didn't have to work Monday, we would have spent the night.

Looking out to the ocean, islands and another Lighthouse (Destruction Island Lighthouse)

Gretchen and Jethro enjoying the view.

Our last major stop was at the Cresent Lake Lodge.
It was hard to leave as we knew the end of our beautiful day was coming to a close. 

We arrived just in time to take the Kingston Ferry at 6:10. There was an hour wait if you were in a car. Since we were on bikes, we went to the front of the line. First ones on and the first ones off. It was a fun ride to close out the evening.

Until next time....

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