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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

North Cascades Highway Tour Via BMW R1200 GS Adventure

As far as roads go, the North Cascades is one of the best in the United States. Its' scenic beauty is unmatched, save for Glacier Nat'l Parks "Road to the sky". Too bad they put a road in here. But..., since we paid for it, I might as well enjoy it. Enjoy it I did. Saturday of the Memorial Day weekend, we were promised some warm weather. 
 Sooo, I took my fair lady out for a spin in the mountains.
 She loved the views while I stopped and ate my lunch.
 The plan was to ride to the western town of Winthrop in the Methow valley, east of the mountains.
I never made it.
 The roadside beauty presented a problem. I found myself "rubbernecking" so I had to stop often to soak it all in.
 If there too much of a good thing... this may be one of those places.
 The road past the spires known as Liberty Bell is best enjoyed like a fine wine with cheeses.
 I made it only a few miles past the crest of the pass. I couldn't resist hanging out for a couple of hours to enjoy this country.

  I took a long restful breaks; hoping for sun, but settling, instead, for these views.
 I've no complaints.

The ride back was great. I met up with a couple of riders and we made good time out to Newhalem.
The Earth is ART and its beauty is there if one knows where to find it and takes the time to appreciate it.

Until next time... 

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