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Thursday, January 5, 2017

Part 6: Tales and Trails of The Chilcotin, Bella Coola and Beyond

Are you kidding me? Another perfect start.

The morning cup of coffee view

Calm waters and warm weather. I had to continually pinch myself. “Wake up! Wake up!” I kept saying.
An image that will be forever burned into my memory.

Could this be another "Best Day"

The Chilcotin Biker Gang
Paul, Brent and I had some breakfast and ended up doing some minor bike repairs to Brent’s bike. Apparently he dumped it and broke a turn signal. Not a show stopper by any means. As we packed we talked about the incredible country and the ride we had the day before.

Posing with our steeds (Paul-GrizzLee-Brent)
 The ride was one for the books as far as beauty, minor challenge and most importantly fun.
We packed our bikes and headed out to Konni Lake. We stopped at the general store and topped off our fuel tanks and chatted a bit with some of the locals.
Konni Lake Log Church
 Soon after filling up, we headed out for more riding. We were heading for Hanceville (Lee’s Corner). In doing so we got to ride parallel to Konni Lake, with high mountains lining both sides of the lake and lots and lots of horses. At the far end (east end) of Konni lake, there is a lone log church sitting out there just up from the lake shore. Now I am not what one would call a very religious man by any means, but today, I would have gone to church and sang godly praises and given thanks for all that I have seen and experienced over the last few days. If asked, I would even dare say, I was in heaven. If not, it was something close to my idea of what heaven would be like.

Getting a lesson in spirituality

Looking back at the coastal range
We continued making our way and quickly found ourselves crossing the Tesako River and the road to Tesako lakes. Taseko Lakes is on my bucket list. A place that I hope to maybe explore within the next few years.

Gateway to the Tsilhqot’in Nation Aboriginal Title lands
 We pulled further and further away from the coastal mountain ranges. Every now and then we would stop and look back as we got more and more engulfed by the high plateau.

We eventually came across a monument and signs marking the entrance.. or as in our case, the exit of the Tsilhqot’in Nation Aboriginal Title lands. We liked what we read as there was agreement between the Provincial gov’t and the 1st Nations spelled out on the signs stating the intent to preserve the lands in their natural states …. No logging, dams (in or out of the lands) that would effect salmon runs, etc.. The conservationist in me was very excited to see this and I believe that all 3 of celebrated these facts and are happy for the 1st Nations.

Black (Brown in color) bear in the road

At this point, the roads were extremely dusty. We began to separate ourselves just far enough to let the dust settle. Just before arriving at Hanceville I found myself in the lead coming up to a corner where there was a big bull standing in the road. The bull seemed a bit agitated and I soon found out that it was for good reason. As I turned the corner, there was a nice fat black bear (brown in color) ambling down the road like he (she?) owned the place. As we approached the bear, it ambled a bit in the road and soon deduced that we were not going to leave it alone. So it exited the road and looked at us for a bit and then began foraging for bugs and grass, etc.. At one point the bear started coming towards us on the road. It came towards us in a friendly manner… like it had been fed by humans. Being on a bike, I was in no shape ready to have a bear come next to me begging for food.

More coming soon....

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