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Monday, June 10, 2019

GrizzLee Stories From The North: Ep6 - Making Lemonade from Lemons

Dismal Days Ahead

Continuing from Episode 5.....

I left Whitehorse after spending 2 days with a friend in hopes of doing the Dempster Highway. The weather was in flux and It seemed that the forecast changed every couple of hours. In my research of the ride reports, riders were having an extremely hard time on the Dempster as a whole. They had nearly record rainfall for June and thus reports of injuries, abandoned bikes and other harrowing tales of woe were rampant. And in talking with locals, it seems the road to Tuk was in bad shape from the severe wetness, some even stated that the road was rushed to get open for the season and as a result wasn’t quite ready for all the tourist.

So I decide to ride the Midnight Dome and then do a circular ride out to Bonanza Creek and ride the Hunker Creek road to Gold Bottom and up towards Solomons Dome. It did rain on me and up towards the summit I could see north into the Dempster country and it wasn’t looking good at all. Rain, rain, rain and more F@#%ing rain as far as the eye could see. Damn it!!! It was at this moment, I decided to head over to Alaska and ride towards Prudhoe Bay.

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