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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Day of Sun after 15 Straight Days of Rain

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. ~Author Unknown

It has been a long dry spell without a bike ride. Actually, it hasn't been that dry. First we had snow, then freezing cold, more snow and then an unusual warm spell with torential rains that caused flooding on the western side of the Cascades.  Today, however, the sun was out, and so was the moon. The temperatures in mid-January in the north can be quite chilling. However, a quick dash home from work, warm clothes and bike gear... off I go before the sun sets for the day.
A flooded field with Mt Si in the background.
All dressed up and havin' fun
 Sunset, foggy mist at Snoqualmie Falls

Full moon rising over Mt Si.  

Lori was kind enough to pack hot chocolate which was enjoyed in the 33 degree temperature while waiting for the moon  to rise. It was worth it.  Even though I froze my feet and my face sheild kept fogging up on the way home.  
The first ride of 2011 is now complete. Bigger things are in the works.

Until Next Time...

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