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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snow Garden of the Gods: North Cascades Highway

A day without sunshine is like, well, night. ~Robert Frost

A nice winter drive into the North Cascades. Looking for migrating eagles from the north.  Originally intended to paddle the Skagit river and view the eagles. The day turn out ot be a wonderful drive into a winter snow garden extravaganza.

Panorama of Baker Lake (Mt Baker and Mt Shuksan) Click to see a larger view.
Partially frozen Diablo Lake

Drive up the North Cascades hwy. Nearly at the end where it is closed for the winter.

Looking into the heart of the North Cascades.
Frozen plants make for neat sculptures.

Pyramid peak as seen from the hwy.
GrizzLee looking in awe.
Looksha Lori hoping for a warm cab to climb into afterwards.

The road was littered with stalactities of frozen water.

Frozen falls.
Mt Baker.

Mt Shuksan.

Clear crisp and cloudless days are a rarity in the winter . 

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