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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RubiKon Adventure Quest 2011: The Drive Home - Back Down The Alaska Highway

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." ~Benjamin Franklin

We arrived in WhiteHorse and spent a very nice evening with our friends (Shawn and Andrea) who we met on the Chilkoot trail in 2007. It was a nice visit as Shawn is a good cook and made us a fantasitc dinner. The next day we had to drop Lori off at the airport so she could get back to work while Lee and Johann drove home. 

We did have time to tour the Beringia museum in Whitehorse.  It is a worthwhile stop and a must see for first time visitors to the north. It is an educational experience where folks can experience close-up the animals and learn about how the land was shaped during the ice-ages. They have mammoth skeletons and one can learn how early settlers survived in a frozen world 16,000 years ago and survive today as the natives of the north. Facinating stuff!!

Extinct Sloth Bear.. behind glass in the Beringia Museum

Wolves as preserved in the Beringia Museum.

The WhiteHorse Rapids of the Yukon river outside of Whitehorse.

Looking at the Yukon River upstream. The rapids are no more as there is a hydro-electric dam in Whitehorse that tamed the river.

Yukon Johann taking a ride on a Caribou at Teslin.

GrizzLee shown here taming the wild beasts.

Look mom, no saddle.

The Alaska Highway is very scenic.

More scenery looking south into British Columbia.

Click to enlarge this panoramic picture.

We were at crossroads when we arrived at Watson Lake in the Yukon. We could continue south on the Alaska Highway or take the Cassiar Highway back down. We decided to take the Cassiar Highway. It was descision that we didn't regret.

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