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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RubiKon Adventure Quest 2011: Finishing the Dempster Highway

"Leave the World Behind for those of us who stay" ~ GrizzLee

Late update here. But it is worth noting the rest of our Dempster Highway Trip. We saw bears, moose and rainbows. Very, very scenic and beautiful.

We got the chance to see a mother and a cub. As we understand it, in the northern arctic, seeing bears with more than one cub is a rarity.

Awe the dirt. The road turned to mush and got really rough as we came through after a big rain storm. The big trucks cut big ruts in the road and made for some nasty driving conditions.

Our little Toy house has a little gas tank (only 17 Gals). So we had to carry extra fuel and fill up along the way. There is only one place to get gas between the start of the Dempster and the halfway point at Eagle Plains (~250 miles of raw arctic wilderness and nothing between).

The drive is like backpack trail in your truck. The mountains are scenic. Really no need to wander too far off the road to see the best stuff.

The Dempster highway has relentless beauty around every turn. 

This is Red Creek. The water is tinted red from the minerals in it.

The mountains have multi-colored layers. Click to enlarge this one and see for yourself.

The occasional rainbow.

Pilot's peak is in the distance. GrizzLee and Yukon Johann climbed this peak in 2007. It required crossing a river laden with ice. Great views at the top. No time to do so this time :-(

Two Moose Lake.

Looking back acorss the tundra.

Hey, there is a moose in Two Moose Lake.

Looking north... Inclement weather is always a threat on the Dempster highway.

Another moose in Two Moose Lake (now we understand how it got the name :-)
One last rainbow before we left.

We exited the Dempster and spent the night in Dawson City. The next day we washed the camper and headed to WhiteHorse. It was a rainy day. We ended up spending the night in the Coal Mine Campground (alongside the Yukon River) and feastign on some great hamburgers. Along the way, we saw a couple of Porcupines, numerous Ptarmigan and a Grizzly bear. Because of the rain and the fact that the animals crossed the road so suddenly, we didn't get any pictures. 

Untill Next Time...

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