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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 5 - BMW R1200 GSA Solo Adventure: B.C. Chilcotin Plateau to Bella Coola

"Driving a car is like watching a film
Riding a motorcycle is like being in the film
 On Motorcycling, "if you need to ask why, you wouldn't understand."~Unknown

This is my story... my solo adventure motorcycle ride through remote lands where I camped every night except one. I had no real itinerary and a vague plan of the route of where I wanted to go.

Days 5  (Sept 4, 2012)
Note: Click pictures to enlarge

How do you top a ride like I am having.

You ride it in reverse

Not really, but I did a 180 degree turn around and partially retrace ground I did the previous days. This time, the weather was different, the conditions were different, the mood was different.
After a refreshing breakfast at the Bella Coola Inn I hit the road and this was the first eye catching view of the day. I know, I should have taken picture of my breakfast... every ride report must have a mandatory meal picture. Me bad. It was good though, scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage and a coffee... everything a growing boy needs to start an adventurous day.
To give some perspective, here is the big lady.

A stop at Kettle Pond and take a couple of pictures there as well.
By now, I have a pretty good idea that I know what you are thinking. You are thinking "It looks like he just left home. The bike is way too clean. This ain't no adventure ride report. Who is this guy kidding".

Ok, I'll come clean... literally...

The truth is, I washed my bike in Bella Coola. It was too tempting, the car wash was across the street from the inn, and I wanted to ge the dust off my seat, bags, etc... I guess I got carried away.
Ok, with that out of the way, here we are at the bottom of "Freedom Hill". I now had to ride up this infamous hill. Would it be as easy as going down? I hope so.
I think I gave my bike some encouragement.... My ADV sticker was there to prove it, although my clean bike may have given onlookers some doubts about my ability.

No problem. Here I am at the top of the "hill", out of the clouds, enjoying the scenice moutain beauty. Not another soul around. Pretty spectacular.

This was nice. The cold chill gave way to a nice warm sunshine. I had to strip some of my warm riding gear off.
The road through Tweedsmuir is very scenic and not many other roads can compare.
Bring it on...

Looking back..

The park entrance on Hwy 20 as one heads west to Bella Coola.

Rainbow Range in the distance. Someday, I'll hike that.

Another mirror picture.

There are several small ponds, lakes and creeks along the way. This one was very scenic.

It wasn't long and I started coming across stock animals grazing alongside the road again.

Future Big Macs? Whoopers?
 Must be careful when passing, sometimes the cows would dart in the opposite direction of logic... that is, in front of you. Hitting cattle on your bike wouldn't be that fun.

I took a long break here. It was very beautiful and relaxing.

Food for the soul.

Next stop. Lunch and a short nap at Pinto Lake.

This lake was very shallow and warm.
I did wade in it a bit, but I wasn't sure about going for a swim. Instead, I took a nap by the lake shore in the shade. The cool breeze coming off the lake was refreshing.
Back on the road. I made a stop at Lee's Corner (Hanceville) to grab some ice cream. No gas here, as I could easily make it to WIlliams Lake and get some premium gas. They sell only regular unleaded here, and my girl, I've been told, needs the good stuff.
Pulling up out of Hanceville there is a rest stop and the Chiko river flows by in the valley below.
Look, there is a forest fire off in the distance.

On the way down toward the Fraser River I come across some nice hoodoos.

This bridge its pretty cool as well.

Up and climbing out of the valley, I look north and see the Fraser River.

Again, I take a look back.
I am not sure what that mount is called in the back, but it sure looks nice.

The evening light added a nice flavor to the pictures.

One last picture from the road before I head into Williams lake for gas and a nice dinner.
I continue my journey from there toward 100 Mile House on hwy 97. I end up spending the night in Lac La Hache Provincial park campground. Weird name, I know, and as I understand, it gained its name when a trapper lost his only hatchet axe when chopping a hole in the nearby frozen lake.

I was more tired than I realized. I set up my tent and fell asleep almost instantly. It was another great day and another fun ride.

Thanks for riding along with me. Day 6 is the final day of my big B.C riding Adventure. I wish it would never end. B.C. is AWESOME.

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