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Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier (Mile 898)

GrizzLee’s View
The day started out as it ended the night before… cool. But it wasn’t to last. An 1 ½ into the ride up the Yellow Head hwy. and the temperatures were already touching the 90’s. HOT!!!!!  Johann rode out in front for a while and we saw our first interesting wildlife cross the road. It was a wolf.  Three bounds and it crossed the hwy. and back in the bush…. disappearing as fast as it appeared.  We are in Prince George looking for bits to accommodate my GoPro. I lost most of it somewhere near 100 mile house, probably along the road at Green Lake. I am not happy to say the least. I need an adapter for my micro SD card and cables to charge it. I also lost my LCD backpack and the remote L but, life goes on and besides that and the incredible heat, we are having a great time.
Strange Graffiti underneath the bridge out in the middle of nowhere
where the Yellow Head Hwy Crosses the Goat River
Approaching Prince George from the South,
I come across this interesting road named "Boeing Rd"

Now, that is strange...
I heard Boeing makes pretty good airplanes, but... this far north?

A quick stop in the visitor's center in Prince George and we found a Future Shop to get the missing bits for the camera. I am still missing a few accessories, but what I have should do just fine. Beginning tomorrow we should be able to start shooting video.
The hot weather wouldn't relent until we got just outside of a small native town called Burns Lake in B.C. A quick bite and then we were off. It was now 7:00 pm and we were hoping to arrive at Smithers B.C. before days end. Within 40 minutes the sky (now cloudy and cool) opened up on us. We arrived in Houston B.C. just in time to get a motel for the night. We are no win bed all cozy and dry. Not what we planned, but we are very happy to be out of the heat.


Yukon Johann’s View:
My dad has given a great report on the day so far. Right now we are enjoying a nice cold drink sitting in an air conditioned building. We have heard that the weather is supposed to cool down quite a bit, low 70’s.

During the heat wave, scenes like this were pretty common.
We'd stop, re-hydrate and take a quick nap.

The rest stops were always beautiful and we always tried
to find ones with picnic tables and SHADE!!!

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