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Monday, July 15, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier (Mile 3216)

On the road to Coldfoot... Above the Arctic Circle

The start of something big

Oh yeah!! Here we go.

Our first documented critter-bike accident on the Dalton Hwy

A ways to go

Ah yes, the Yukon River. Always a favorite of ours.

Hotspot Café... We talked with real "Ice Road Truckers" here.

The road, the pipeline... the beauty!!


Finger Rock

The landscape on this high plateau
More Finger Rock
Finger Rock form an odd perspective... It's much taller than it appears here.

Enjoying a break

The view from Galbraith Lake

Pump Station 5

Pipeline, Dalton Hwy, Fireweed and good lighting


Approaching Coldfoot above the arctic circle

Our camp at Coldfoot... Actually Marion Creek Campground.
Well water was still frozen, but the Bugs and sunshine, included free with the site
Until Next time...

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