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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier (Mile 3469)

Riding above the arctic circle.... Coldfoot to the Arctic Ocean. Brrrrr!!!!

Leaving Coldfoot

My goodness the mtns are cool.

Paved road??? Above the arctic circle???

The kid doing well

The views just kept getting better.

ANWR on our left and the Gates of the Arctic National Park on our right.
The Haul road cuts a path right down the middle.

Cathedrals of stone surrounded us

At the basin of the famous Atigun Pass

It was a blistering 85 degrees... No kidding!!

At the base of the south end of the pass
Looking South as we climb up


Looking in my rear mirror. Steady as she goes.

The valley sneaking just past Gates of the Arctic and ANWR.
That opening leads to the open tundra all the way to the arctic ocean.

Unbelievable rocks

The north slope peters out on the Gates of the Arctic side.  Awesome views.

The pipeline snaking past one more rocky outcrop. 

Almost to the open tundra... Still around 85 degrees.

The open tundra and we encounter

We could only enjoy the beauty momentarily to take pictures as
the bugs would swarm inside our helmets and down our jackets.

'tis beautiful though.

The temperature quickly drops to around the mid 40's and we stop to put on warm clothes.
 We notice that the headlight guard on the Dakar has been damaged. It did it's job.

The road went into the endless horizon. It was a weird feeling
like we were riding off the end of the earth.

Just before Prudhoe Bay we encounter this miniature mountain range of frozen tundra.
Ice could be seen for miles and miles on the frozen tundra.
The temperature began to drop below 40 degrees now.

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