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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Life Behind Bars – Father & Son Doing Time in The Northern Frontier (Mile 3726)

Leaving Deadhorse back to Coldfoot. Fantastic!!!

2 KLR Guys that we kept running into along the way

Leaving Deadhorse camp.. Expensive, but the only place to stay in town

Famous sign that everyone takes their picture with

On our way back. Temperature was in the high 30's

The only Caribou we saw on the entire trip so far.

Open tundra and it begins to warm up.

Typical road and pipeline views across the open tundra

Coming back into the valley on the south slope of the Brooks range
The pipeline and the road split the valley.
(ANWR to the left and Gates of the Arctic NP on the right).

North side of Atigun pass

Hard to leave with views like these

Limited Edition BMW R1200GSA Quadruple Black. One of a kind actually.

The rivers and side valleys left one wanting to explore

This picture cannot even begin to show the sense of scale one experiences up here.

Young ADVRider in the making

Heading up the north side of Atigun Pass

One last look before we head up

Looking north east at the summit

Coming back down the south side.

Yes, that is ice back there on the tundra. It was nearly 90 degrees!!

Coming down.. slowly to savor every turn and vista

Give me a pack and some more vacation. This is the place to go,

The southern valley revealed incredible rock gardens

Yukon Johann

No words can describe.

This picture says it all...
It is in adequate in capturing the experience and emotion.

Pipeline. Hate or love it. It is the reason this road exists.
A rest stop to go examine the pipeline

The literal view from the road


The incredible rock formations were everywhere.

Another moment of wonderlust.

Arrival in Coldfoot
Checking the temperature just before turning in that night. 89 degrees!!
Earlier I had seen 94 degree temperatures.
Unbelievable to us this far north of the arctic circle.

Until next time...

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